Included in the Lapinha experience

Anamnese de pré-chegada
Alimentação personalizada
Academia com instrutor
Vivências na natureza
Yoga, relaxamento e meditação
Cultura e lazer
Espiritualidade e conexão humana

Performance and recovery

Immerse yourself in the ideal synergy of exercise and well-being through our Sports and Performance Program, harmonizing both body and mind. Carefully crafted by our team of experts to cater to the requirements of sports enthusiasts and athletes at all levels, the program encompasses a multidisciplinary team overseeing every facet of your health. Lapinha offers top-notch training infrastructure, featuring mapped routes of varying lengths and altitudes for running and cycling in the region, tailored to meet your specific training requirements.


Moreover, the program includes a comprehensive recovery and nutrition protocol tailored to your individual needs. Benefit from the guidance of yoga and meditation instructors, as well as strategic partners, who play a crucial role in fostering a resilient mindset and managing stress. Join us and explore the perfect equilibrium between physical performance and holistic well-being.

Your Lapinha journey


Journeys commence with the very first step. Lapinha's approach begins even before your arrival, as our clinical team sends you a questionnaire to assess your physical condition and lifestyle. Your schedule is meticulously arranged to include all the necessary treatments required to attain your objectives.


Exclusive program benefits

Hospedagem a partir de R$ 8.890,71*

* This price includes 1 person and an accommodation in a Swiss room. The rate is variable and depends on the desired duration of stay.


Tenha acesso em primeira mão às nossas novidades e programações especiais

A Lapinha se compromete em proteger e respeitar sua privacidade. Usaremos suas informações pessoais apenas para administrar sua conta e fornecer os produtos e serviços que você nos solicitou. Ocasionalmente, gostaríamos de entrar em contato sobre nossas ofertas, bem como sobre outros conteúdos que possam ser de seu interesse. Você pode optar por desinscrever-se de nosso mailing a qualquer momento.

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