Ecological Reserve

Recognized as the Global Sustainable Spa of 2021 by the World Spa & Wellness Awards, Lapinha is nestled within an enchanting landscape of Atlantic and Araucaria trees, overlooking rolling hills, natural meadows, and the Devonian Escarpment. This captivating vista encompasses 150 hectares of pristine native forest, complete with well-preserved biomes, springs, and streams that meander through the Lapinha grounds. Over 30 hectares have been dedicated to reforestation with trees that generate an equivalent amount of energy consumed by the pool heating, facility heating, and drinking water systems. All wastewater is diligently treated before being returned to the environment.

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Hidden amidst our trails, a picturesque lake is surrounded by a verdant native forest featuring araucaria, cinnamon, mastic, cambará, and maritime pine trees.


A meditative pathway guides guests through this enchanting landscape, where the reflections of the forest, the azure sky, and the morning mist evoke an air of mystique.


This setting inspires poetry, reflection, and a profound connection with nature. The rejuvenating fresh air at the lake offers renewal to those seeking to nourish their body, soul, and spirit.

Imbuias Trail

Among Lapinha's most profound experiences is a journey through a robust section of ancient forest, home to araucarias, cedars, xaxins, yerba mate, sassafras, and imbuias. Some of these venerable trees have a circumference so immense that it takes five to six people to encircle them, with ages reaching hundreds and even over 1200 years. A botanical observation walk educates guests about the historical significance of each tree, some of which are living monuments that recount the story of humanity. It's awe-inspiring to place oneself on the timeline and imagine that while Europe was in the midst of the Middle Ages, these trees were already thriving.



Designed by landscaper Airton Hecke, the Lapinha surroundings have been transformed into a captivating and exotic botanical garden. This lush environment features Chinese Cunninghamia pines, European oaks, Mediterranean magnolias, Canadian plane trees, pink rodendos, and elegant casuarinas, interspersed with ipe and native palms. The grounds abound with vibrant floral displays, including azaleas, mallows, hydrangeas, bougainvilleas, beds of roses, and compositions of dahlias, gerberas, poppies, zinnias, and daisies reminiscent of the flower fields that inspired Monet in Europe. Summer visitors can witness sunflower fields that evoke the paintings of Van Gogh or the vast flower fields of Russia.


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