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Beyond the Table

At Lapinha, we curate a nourishing and eco-conscious culinary journey, sourcing organic delights directly from our farm. This week, under the expert guidance of Nutritionist and Chef Camile Fiuza, founder of “Além da Mesa,” we extend a warm invitation to explore the essence of balanced nutrition in a hands-on, laid-back setting.


Embark on a journey to uncover the profound influence of your dietary decisions on your vitality, emotional well-being, confidence, interpersonal connections, daily rhythms, household dynamics, and even your financial resources. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to glean insights, ignite inspiration, and embark on a transformative culinary voyage.


Chef Camile Fiuza

A seasoned professional with a degree in Nutrition, along with expertise as a Chef and Natural Chef spanning over a decade, Camile embodies the art of functional gastronomy, crafting meals that not only nourish but also embrace. Through her culinary journey, she has come to recognize a deeper yearning among people—one that transcends mere recipe-following—to truly engage with food, to rediscover its essence and significance in our lives.

Camile passionately believes that fostering a nurturing relationship with the heart of our homes—the kitchen—is paramount. It's within these sacred culinary spaces that cherished narratives unfold and unforgettable moments are woven. For in the sanctuary of our homes, where bonds are forged, it's at the dining table where connections are truly savored and cherished.


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