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Ayurveda Immersion: 4 Pillars for Longevity

Lapinha is delighted to welcome Matheus Macêdo to lead a transformative week of Ayurveda Immersion. Throughout this period, participants will have the opportunity to partake in individual therapies, the Sauna Ritual, Yogalaya, and the Wheel of Ayurveda Knowledge, alongside other enriching activities from the Lapinha program. Moreover, they will savor personalized cuisine crafted within the program, all within the serene ambiance and lush surroundings of Lapinha.

The aim of this week is to elevate participants' health standards, with a dedicated focus on the four pillars for longevity: nourishing food, restful sleep, mindful movement, and tranquil silence.


Exclusive program benefits include:

  • Personalized clinical monitoring by an Ayurveda specialist, featuring a face-to-face consultation during your stay;
  • In-person admission and final medical consultation with the Lapinha team;
  • Tailored diet plan guided by the Ayurveda protocol;
  • Therapeutic consultation for adjusting the individual treatment plan;
  • Thoughtfully curated treatments aligned with your specific objectives;
  • Daily sessions with an Ayurveda specialist;
  • Customized physical activities, including daily Yoga and Meditation classes;
  • Daily detoxifying saunas infused with essential oils;
  • Personalized schedule of activities and treatments designed to maximize your results.



Matheus Macêdo

Meet our esteemed Ayurvedic doctor, the trailblazing pioneer who holds the distinction of being the first Brazilian to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from India. Having resided in India for nearly seven years, he founded Vida Veda, a groundbreaking social enterprise committed to spreading Ayurvedic wisdom in Portuguese-speaking communities.


A distinguished member of the Ayurveda Academy in Bangalore, he has honed his skills through clinical residencies at renowned institutions such as Vaidyagrama hospital in Coimbatore, as well as various clinics across India and the USA. Renowned internationally, he shares his expertise as a captivating speaker, and is the mastermind behind the innovative 4 Pillars of Health methodology and the visionary Vida Veda Congress of Integrative Medicine (ConVIDA).


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